What is an Accelerate Law in-house legal consultant?

All of our consultants are non-practicing solicitors. This means that we are qualified as solicitors, but have not obtained or renewed practicing certificates with the SRA (the Solicitors’ Regulatory Authority). All of our consultants are eligible to apply for this certificate at any time.

More specifically, we are individuals who have all the skills, qualifications and background to work as top City lawyers, but have chosen to work on a more independent basis, offering a service more directly to companies independently, rather than as part of a law firm.

In practice, having access to an in-house legal consultant enables you to do a few important and valuable things:

  1. Complete legal work in-house, giving you the benefits of a highly trained legal skill-set on demand.
  2. Effectively manage all aspects of your legal project (including legal budget)
  3. When outsourcing to law firms (in-house teams still often outsource to law firms), have an industry expert to negotiate the best deals, and work alongside the law firm to keep their fees down further.

At Accelerate Law, our consultants specialise in all things corporate and commercial for growing businesses. See Our Service – Zero to 100 Approach for more information.

What do you specialise in?

We are legal support for startups – covering anything corporate, commercial or regulatory. See Our Service – Zero to 100 Approach for more information.

Does Accelerate Law work with or against law firms?

Accelerate Law offers many of the same things that a law firm offers – document drafting, responses to legal queries, negotiation of documents, etc.

However, Accelerate Law is not a law firm. We are in-house legal support for startups and growing businesses. This means that when using us, you should consider this as completing your work ‘in-house’.

And as in-house support, we still also outsource to a partner law firms for very large, international, or highly specialist matters. We have expert knowledge of the industry, and know when to call on our trusted partner law firms. Importantly, we know how to negotiate with law firms and get you the best deal, which incorporates us working alongside them and reducing their hours worked.

Either way, whether you use Accelerate Law exclusively, or if we work alongside a law firm, you will achieve a cost-saving by using us.

Please contact us if you would like to get in touch or discuss further.

Does it cost us to call just for a quick chat or to line you up for work we think is coming soon?

Absolutely not – and we want to hear from you! Our ethos is to provide better value and more suitable legal services to start-ups and growing companies. For that reason, anything you pay will be agreed in advance and you will always have budgetary certainty over the fees we charge for our service. Call us any time.