As your on call, in-house legal team, our service is built around helping you draft or negotiate legal documents, complete any legal processes, project manage your legal workflows and broker informed deals with trusted law firms.

We’re set up so that we can tackle any legal obstacle you have, being an integral but entirely flexible part of your team, taking you through the process from zero to 100. Typically, we help our clients:

Incorporate. Articles of Association. Shareholders Agreements. Equity Arrangements.
Developer Agreements. Intellectual Property and Brand Protection. Bespoke/Unique Agreements.
Customer Contracts. Supply Agreements. Terms and Conditions. Agency and Outsource Agreements. Participation and Revenue Share Agreements.
HR - Employment contracts. Employee Bonus and Share Options. Contractor agreements. Freelancer agreements. Funding and Investment Support.
Data Protection. Regulatory Requirements. Company Secretarial Support.

How do we deliver?

  • Your flexible in-house legal team – take on an Accelerate Law consultant for a period of time as a short term, no-commitments contractor within your business. For that time, we will be all-in as your in-house legal support, showing you how to manage your business from a legal perspective moving forwards, whilst drafting the documents you need. Most often, our clients like to have one of our team 1-3 days a week.
  • Affordable hourly rates and fixed fees – Accelerate Law provides the best quality:value ratio you will find for producing and negotiating your documents.