Accelerate Law featured on The Entrepreneurial Approach to Risk

I (Simon) was recently asked to appear in an interview feature for Bloomberg and Credit Suisse as part of their research study on the “Entrepreneurial Approach to Risk”.

I started the business because I wanted to do what I enjoy, which was to be behind my own brand, dealing directly with clients I wanted to help directly – I wasn’t able to achieve that as part of a large international law firm at Linklaters (however fantastic their people and reputation were). The real risk for me would have been to stay with a large law firm with one eye on a secure pay package, even though I wouldn’t have been able to fulfil my ambitions or potential there. Working in a big corporation is great if you love it, but if you don’t then it’s best to try something new.

Take a look at the video here: 

This post was written by Simon Davies, founder of Accelerate Law. Accelerate Law is a legal consultancy business, which provides legal support for startups.

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